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Fine Arts is one of the very wide disciplines. It is a creative art, particularly visual art which products are to be commended primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic or intellectual content. A visual art is considered to have been created basically aesthetic purposes and judged for its beauty and meaningfulness, especially painting, sculpture, drawing water colour, graphics art.

It is a course that deals with art as a form, and focuses on ideas keeping in mind the aesthetics of that theme rather than the utility.

Graduates from this field get the choice of connecting companies, publishing houses, art studios, freelancing etc. There is a majority of people who are self employed in this field and this enables them to work on pieces and work of their choice. One can start working as a critic or an art specialist as well. You can join creative department of advertising agencies, magazines, newspaper in the publishing industry or the textile industry. You can also be an art historian, art dealer, art therapist or art tuitor.

There has been increase in this industry over the past few years and today’s youths have started opting for the field on realizing the popularity esteem and the kind of pay packages involved. Hill point is the only first college to introduce and train Fine Art courses outside of Kathmandu. So, Fine Arts degree from us can be a turning point in you future career.

Subjects Offered
• English
• Sculpture
• Nepali
• Applied Arts
• Painting
• History of Art

Entry Requirements Application is open to students passing SEE or equivalent with a minimum GPA 1.6.

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